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Donna - Lady In The Lake



Lovely Donna has been loving dogs for us for a while now. An interview is probably in order. We’ve seen Donna go from nervous newbie in Disco Stick, to professional Pet Girl in Nun So Deep. She’s become so familiar with the doggy business that she is usually helping TheSenor train and guide new Models arriving.

It’s always marvelous to see a brand new Lady being taken by her first dog – how she reacts, how well she can handle it. There’s also a lot to be said for a Lady who’s done it a lot. A Lady like that is completely comfortable with giving her pussy to the dog, with the whole experience really. It’s a very natural experience for her, things happen very smoothly.

It’s an experienced Donna we are meeting here, she’s really getting into it. The movie starts out with Donna peeing for Simba, then lets him lick her pussy clean. As Donna flips over and spreads her legs, there’s a moment there where you can tell Donna is really in the mood for some dog sex today. The dog is looking at Donna’s pussy, Donna is looking at the dog looking at her pussy, and that pink puffy pussy is looking great as always.

We are on another outdoor adventure with TheSenor today, visiting some picturesque surroundings by a lake. Adventure because if you cast your eye around the perimeter of the lake, you’ll see the potential for onlookers is enormous. It’s the benefit of shooting somewhere the law is not against you, at least not for the sex with dogs. Chancing across some Lady fucking a dog somewhere was always a big fantasy of mine. Let’s hope there’s some lucky bastard around that lake with the view of a lifetime, it’s almost a shame if there isn’t.

The couple stroll down to the lake and Donna shows her chops by fucking Simba in the water. Splish splash Simba’s loving that ass, and gives Donna a solid pounding. Some great splashy views of Simba’s knot sinking into Donna’s wet pussy.

A swim, a stroll, and a nap later – Donna is waking up, and warms up with Simba in the tent before heading back to the lake for more water-based dog sex. This time Simba really gets Donna, burying a heavy solid knot deep in her Pet Pussy. Donna is feeling it, it’s a lot of dog cock – she feels it all the more when Simba pulls it out. Poor Donna is yelping, but very well-bred. That’s probably the hardest knot we’ve seen Donna take to date.

Even with, I guess, a pussy still a bit sore from that knot, Donna doesn’t leave Simba dangling. He’s still rock hard with a Godlike boner, so the Lady sucks him off expertly, doing what she can to quench his fire. It seems Donna was not the only one in the mood today.

There are lots of cute moments, such as when Donna wakes up in the tent and enjoys how into the scent/taste of her pussy Simba is when she waves her bikini in his face. Donna really is a sweetheart.

It’s not very summery-ish where many of you are right now, hopefully a splash of Donna and Simba will bring a bit of sunshine even if it’s chilly outside. Have fun with the Lady in the Lake

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