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Arion - Amateur Pet Sex Models

So, then, to the Lady du Jour, Arion. A beautiful young Russian Pet Lady, bursting with expression and ready to show the world her dance. And dance, she does. Arion is hypnotically cute – not in a patronizing way, the Ladys baby face is just super cute and would wrap most us chaps around Her finger in a heartbeat. Like a petite, perfect China Russian Doll. With Her shapely body as canvas – dog cock as paintbrush, dog nectar as paint, and rebellion as Her message – Arions dance is Screaming Art, literally. If you can’t see it, I’m pretty sure there’s something a bit wrong with you. Might want to get that looked at.

Arion - Screaming Art

Now folks, this Little Lady is dancing, and She is putting her heart and soul into it. There is acting, then there is feeling. Arion, much like her namesake Orion, is set in stone.

Sparkling for us, and fuck me does the Lady Sparkle. I really, really love a Lady who takes Her Art seriously. She knows why She is there. She knows what She has to do. And my goodness, heart and soul in this performance. Arion will dance this dance beautifully, and the Lady nails it.

You can almost feel Her energy squeezing through your screen, you’ll see what I mean. Pupils dilated, everything engorged that should be engorged. This Lady Garden is lush verdant, and fucking ripe for Her Hero. And sweet love is made. Sucking, fucking, man if I could bottle that energy I could power a small town no troubles.

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Scene: Screaming Art
Beast Model: Arion
Size: 1380 MB
Duration: 00:26:30
Resolution: 1920x1080

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